No Refund Policy

We follow a strict No Refund Policy.

We reserves the right to follow a strict NO Refund Policy for our customers. Our procedures and policies cover all the relationships with the client including but not limited by payments, delivery of work and requirements identification and therefore it does not leave any room of discrepancy. Henceforth any request for a refund would not be entertained from the end of any client. We reserve the right to verify any client request for refund and cancel it immediately. Our project delivery policy has clear provision of changes, amendments and additions. After project delivery, it would be understood as the completion of the project. In that stage, the client cannot seek any refund.

This policies can be changed at any point of time.

In such cases, the prospective clients would be informed about the changes associated with the company’s policy. The company policies are related to the project management, delivery and client interactions. At every point of time, we strive to provide the best services to our clients.

Under normal operational conditions, the question of a refund does not arise since the final round of payment from the client is accepted, once the client is fully satisfied with the services/products delivered. We strongly recommend the clients to suggest changes and additions during the project development stage to avoid any confusion after the end of the project.